TORKSense Program

Tightening Torque Analysis using Nut Factors

TORKSenseTM is a program that is designed to deliver information on the correct tightening torque to be applied to fasteners in the simplest and easiest way. The program can use both metric and inch based units. It is based on determining the torque value using the nut factor approach. It achieves this by allowing the user to view and then select specific information on the size, material and finish condition of the fastener being considered. The program calculates the tightening torque based upon the use of nut factors. A nut factor is a dimensionless constant for a particular fastener finish or condition.

The Main Features of TORKSense

The program is designed for ease of use. The main window of the program consists of a number of buttons and edit boxes that the user enters data into. The main features of the program are:

Detailed Thread Database

Click to view the Thread Database Form The program has a large database of standard fasteners; the database contains information on standard thread tolerances, clearance hole sizes, tapping hole diameters etc. Click here for a screen shot of the Thread Database Form.

Fastener Material Database

Material Database Form The Fastener Selection Material Form allows the selection of a fastener material from a large range of standard specifications applicable to both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The form opens the inch or metric material database depending upon which units were selected from the main program. The most common fastener materials are included (there are approximately 200 material specifications covered). Click here for screen shots of the Fastener Material Selection Form.

Nut Factor Database

Nut Factors Database Bolt Science has completed extensive research into published information on nut factors for various fastener finish and materials. A simple click will allow access to this database to allow the selection of the most appropriate factor for the fastener under study. Click here for a screen shot of the Nut Factors Database Form.


If metric units are being used then the default torque unit used by the program is Nm (newton metre); if inch based values are used the default torque unit is Lbf-ft (pound feet). However there are occasions (such when very small thread sizes are used) when the default units are inappropriate. In such cases the user can convert the default value by clicking on the Torque Unit Selection pull down box. To convert the units - just click on the appropriate unit and the program will convert the present value into those units.

Display Full Results

BoltPAD Results Form Clicking on this button will start up a text editor (Bolt Science's BoltPAD program) with full details about the last set of results calculated. From this program details about the thread, material and nut factor that was selected from the various forms can be displayed.

Demo Program

There is a fully functioning, unrestricted demo version of the TORKSense program that is available for download. The program comes with an uninstall program to allow easy removal of the program and associated files.

Download the TORKSense Demo Program (5.0 MB)

Data Sheet

There is a data sheet giving further details about the TORKSense program, the data sheet is in Abobe pdf format, to download please click on the link below.

TORKSense Data Sheet

Full Program

The full version of TORKSense comes with complete databases for the thread, fastener material and nut factor databases (the demo program has only partial databases for a sample of threads, materials and nut factors). With this program shipping is not necessary - the software is downloaded and password details sent to you upon receiving your purchase confirmation. There is no CD supplied or printed user guide - an Adobe pdf version of the guide is included in the installation to gether with help files.