Nut and Bolt - simple idea - complex implications We have an extensive library of information, articles and technical reports on bolting technology. An alphabetical listing of the titles we have indexed in our library is presented below. The list excludes all the standards we hold and books on the subject.

A Deductive Theory Of Friction
A Deductive Theory Of Friction II - Mathematical Study
A Finite Element Assessment Of Clamping Effects In Composite Bolted Joints
A History Of Cutting Screw Threads
A Limit Analysis Study To Interpret The Ultimate Behavior Of Bolted Joints
A Look Back At The Fastener Industry Over The Past Twenty Years
A Mechanistic Approach To The Life Prediction Of 316l Stainless Steel Under Combined Creep-Fatigue Cycling
A Mixed Finite Element Method And Solution Multiplicity For Coulomb Frictional Contact
A Model For The Mild Ratchetting Wear Of Metals
A Model Of Seizure Based On Burwell And Strangs Concept Of Wear Mode Transition
A Model Of The Friction Of A Smooth Hard Surface Sliding Over A Softer One
A New Approach To Corrosion
A New Approach To Shakedown Analysis For Non-Standard Elastoplastic Material By The Bipotential
A New Experimental Approach To Determine Initial Fatigue Quality With Fastener Holes
A Novel System For Automatic Measurement And Inspection Of Parallel Screw Threads
A Practical Guide To Bolt Analysis
A Preliminary Study Of Self-Loosening In Bolted Connections
A Re-Analysis On Fatigue Data Of Aluminium Alloy Bolted Joints
A Right Rivetting Read
A Self-Tightening Fastener Disc-Lock
A Simple Coefficient For Wear Assessment
A Simplified Approach To The Adhesive Theory Of Friction
A Solution For Self Loosening Mechanism Of Threaded Fasteners Under Transverse Vibration
A Spiralock For Threaded Fasteners
A Statistical Look At Bolt Preload, Friction And Relaxation
A Study Of The Helical Effect On The Thread Connection By Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
A Study Of Vibration Resistant Fasteners SAE 730825
A Study On Elasto-Plastic Impact Friction
A Theoretical Model To Study Thread Loosening
A Tough Corrosion Resistant Coating For Marine Components
A Way With Nuts
Ab-Initio Modelling Of Stainless Steels Seizing
Accelerated Small Specimen Test Method For Measuring The Fatigue Strength In The Failure Analysis Of Fasteners
Acheson Lubricants
Acoustoelastic Measurement Of Bolt Axial Load With Velocity Ratio Method
Adhesives For Threaded Fasteners
Adhesives Locking Threads
Advances In Tribology - The Materials Point Of View
Aerospace Drive System Finding New Applications
Aerospace Standard Nasm25027 On Self Locking Nuts
Aircraft Builder Use More Speciality Fasteners
Airline Operation And Maintenance Requirements For Fasteners SAE 670891
Altemp A286 Alloy
Alternative To Zinc Phosphate For Coating Heat Treated Fasteners
Alternatives To Cadmium Plating
Alternatives To Hex Chrome Plating
Amended Fastener Act Goes Into Effect
An Advanced Torque Auditing Method
An Alternative Approach To Design Of Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups
An Alternative Bolted Joint For Pipework
An Anti-Loosening Screw-Fastener Innovation And Its Evaluation
An Approximate Model Of Surface Ploughing By A Rotating Disc And Other Indenters
An Elastic–Plastic Shakedown Analysis Of Fretting Wear
An Evaluation Test For Influences Of The Paint-Film Upon Self-Loosening Of Fasteners
An Experimental Investigation On Frictional Properties Of Bolted Joints
An Investigation Into The Torque-Preload Characteristics Of Threaded Fasteners Volume 1 (Br55296)
An Investigation Into The Torque-Preload Characteristics Of Threaded Fasteners Volume 2 (Br55297)
An Investigation Into The Torque-Preload Characteristics Of Threaded Fasteners Volume 3 (Br55298)
An Investigation Into The Effects Of Vibration Of Threaded Fasteners Phase Ii - Final Report - Volume 2 (Br47592)
An Investigation Into The Effects Of Vibration Of Threaded Fasteners Phase Ii - Final Report (Br47591)
An Investigation Of The Bearing Strength Of Three Aluminum Alloys
An Investigation Of The Self-Loosening Behavior Of Bolts Under Transverse Vibration
An Iterative Method For Shakedown Analysis
Anaerobic Liquid Form In Place Gasketing Compounds SAE 920133
Analysis and design of threaded assemblies SAE 770420
Analysis Of A Dry Friction Problem Under Small Displacements - Application To A Bolted Joint
Analysis Of Interface Sliding In A Bolted Closure
Analysis Of Microwear Experiments On Thin DLC Coatings - Friction - Wear And Plastic Deformation
Analysis Of Pretensioned Bolted Joints Subject To Tensile Separating Forces
Analysis Of The Friction Behaviour Of Bolted Joints
Analysis Of The Load Distribution In A Bolt-Nut Connector
Analysis Of The Tightening Process Of Bolted Joint With A Bolt Heater
Analytic Testing Of Joints With Cold Worked Holes
Analytical Modelling Of Thermal Resistance In Bolted Joints
Analytical Prediction Of Ultimate Strength Of Single Bolted Connections
Anochrome Design Guide
Anochrome Web Site
Ansi Flange Data
Anti-Corrosion Coatings For Bolts And Dtis
Applied Bolting Company Brochure
Articles Covering Aspects Of Bolt And Fastener Failures Reported In Uk Newspapers
Asbestos Free Gaskets Their Current Position And Future Trends
Assembly Cracks In A Hybrid Nylon And Steel Planter Wheel
Assembly Plant Torque Control Using A Transducer And Computer
Assessing Life Prediction Methodologies For Fasteners Under Bending Loads
Atlas Copco Pocket Guide To Basic Tightening Techniques For Threaded Fasteners
Automated Bolt Loading Using Abaqus
Automobile Wheel Attachment Design Considerations SAE 820340
Avoiding Corrosion In Component Assembly And Fastening
Bbc News - Potters Bar Track Appalling
Behavior Of Extended End Plate Connections At High Temperature
Behavior Of Stainless Steel Fasteners Under Cyclic Load
Behaviour Of Bolted Composite Joints - Experimental Study
Behaviour Of Bolted Joints Tightened In Plastic Region
Behaviour Of Cold Formed Steel Truss Bolted Joints
Better Control Of Bolt Tension 46
Beyond Amontons - Tools To Enrich The Teaching Of Friction
Big Bolts - Article On Sr1 Program
Big New Jersey Sign Bolt Failure Analyzed
Black Oxide Conversion Coatings
Bodycote Coatings Data Sheets
Boeing Bolted Joint Analysis Guidelines
Bojcas - Bolted Joints In Composite Aircraft Structures
Boljat - A Tool For Designing Composite Bolted Joints Using Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Bolt Analysis Guidelines - Engineering At Boeing
Bolt Force Washer Load Cell
Bolt Load Reduction Of Bolted Joints Under External Axial Load
Bolt Nut Patent
Bolt Preload Variation During Torquing Of A Bolted Flange Connection
Bolt Preloads In Laboratory And In Field Conditions Of Acceptance
Bolt Stain Gauge
Bolt Stress Sensor
Bolt Tensioning Need Not Be A Strain 8
Bolt Torque And Tension Transducer
Bolted Connection Design For Sheet Steels Less Than 1.0 Mm Thick
Bolted Endplate Connections Revisited
Bolted Framing Angle Connections Design Aids - Past And Present
Bolted Joint Assemblies
Bolted Joint Clamping Force Variation Due To Axial Vibration
Bolted Joint Design
Bolted Joints - Design And Control SAE 860722
Bolted Joints In Structural Steelwork Combined In-Plane Shear And Moment For Hsfg Bolts 13
Bolting Degradation Or Failure In Nuclear Power Plants
Bolting Failures I Have Seen
Bolting Technology Council Membership List
Bolting Technology Council Minutes May 2002
Bolting Technology Library
Bolts - How To Prevent Them Loosening
Bolts Blamed For Rocket Crash
Bolts Should Stretch And Occasionally Fracture But Never Strip
Bolts To Get On The Spot Fatigue Check
Boltsafe Load Sensor
Brain Teaser- Bolt Loading Problem Published In The Engineer March 2002
British Aerospace Vibration Loosening Report Summary
Bulk Fastener Coating Technologies
Calculation Of Nut Factor K
Calculation Of Tightening With Angular Control For Bolted Connections
Calculation Of Torque And Preload From Angle
Cal-Grid Bolted Joint Design Report
Calibrating Plug Gages Using The Three Wire Method
Capability Indexes
Carbon Fibre Composite Bolted Joints
Cast Iron Thread Strength SAE 680129
Causes And Prevention Of Fastener Failures 3
Changing Standards In The Finishing Of Fasteners
Characterization And Classification Of Wear Particles And Surfaces
Checklist For Structural Steel Bolting Process Review
Chinook Helicopter Crash Daily Telegraph 13 April 1986
Clear Passivation Coating For Electroplated Zinc Deposited Parts
Coating Problems In Aerospace Fasteners 30
Coatings For Automotive Fasteners
Cold Heading
Combined External Load Tests For Standard And Compact Flanges
Compact Analytical Model For Overall Thermal Resistance Of Bolted Joints
Comparison Of Bolt Stressing According To The Vdi-Standard 2230
Composite Joints Subject To Reversal Of Loading Part 1 - Experimental Study
Comprehensive Model For Scale Effects In Friction Due To Adhesion And Two And Three Body Deformation
Computational Micro And Macroscopic Models Of Contact And Friction - Formulation Approach And Applications
Computer Program Forthe Flexibility Of Single And Double Lap Thin Plate Joints Loaded In Tension
Computer Simulation Of Thread Rolling Processes
Computer Simulation Of Thread Rolling
Conjoint Bending Torsion Fatigue - Fractography
Connecting Elements And Bolted Connections - Lecture Notes
Connections Loaded In Shear And Tension
Considerations Of Thread Loosening By Transverse Impacts
Contact Analysis Of Rough Surfaces Under Transition Conditions In Sliding Line Lubrication
Contact Problems With Friction In Machine Design
Control Of A Flexible Automatic Riveting System
Controlling Fastener Preload
Copper Arrests Bolt Failures At Sea
Correlating Corrosion Testing With The Real World
Corrosion Protection Of Fasteners And Formed Parts
Corrosion Resistant Dti Coatings For Use With Weathering Steel
Crashing Aircraft, Sinking Ships - Fractographic And Sem Support For Unusual Failure Hypotheses
Cross Invests In Vibration Test Rig
Cyclic Analysis Of Steel Bolted Components
Cyclic Behaviour Of Bolted Joint Components
Dacromet Finish Brochure
Damping In Structural Joints Subjected To Tangential Loads
Dardelet Self Lock Thread
Deformation Of Nut In Threaded Connection
Delta Pt Fasteners
Demystifying Torque Control
Derailment Caused By Broken Fishplate
Derivation Of Coefficient Of Friction At High Sliding Speeds From Energy Conservation Over The Frictional Interface
Design And Assembly Considerations For Bolts SAE 760412
Design And Evaluation Of Tribological Coatings
Design And Performance Of An Automatic Control System For Fastener Tightening
Design And Physical Characteristics Of Self-Locking Nuts
Design And Strength Of Screw Threads
Design For Eccentric And Inclined Loads And Weld Groups
Design For Manufacture And Assembly
Design Guidelines For Torque Controlled Tightening Of Bolted Joints SAE 930578
Design Of A Fastener Based On Negative Poissons Ratio Foam
Design Of Connection In The Eureka Cim Steel Project
Design Of Grp Flanges - Research Programme From European Union
Design Rules For Connections In The United Kingdom
Design Systems And Select Components For Bolted Joints And Thread Fasteners
Design Trade-Offs That Determine Fastener Selection SAE 670886
Design, Fabrication, And Characterization Of Single Crystal Silicon Latching Snap Fasteners For Micro Assembly
Designing A Bolt For Safety And Reliability
Designing And Selecting Screw Threads Using A Personal Computer 4
Designing For Profit And Reliability With Engineering Adhesives 31
Designing Reliable Bolted Joints 2
Designing With Hot-Dip Galvanized Fasteners
Designing With Threaded Fasteners
Determination Of Bolt Forces In A Circular Flange Joint Under Tension Force
Determination Of Stiffness And Loading In Bolted Joints Having Circular Geometry
Development Of Anti-Loosening Nuts Using Shape Memory Alloys
Din 65151 Dynamic Testing Of The Locking Characteristics
Din 946 Determination Of Coefficient Of Friction Of Bolt-Nut Assemblies Under Specified Conditions
Disc Spring Design And Application
Distributor Associations
Double Sided Piloted Weld Nut
Dry Lubricant Surface Coatings
Dti Installation And Inspection
Dtis Do More, Often, For Less
Dtis Mean Less Bolt Relaxation, Creep
Dynamic Analysis Of Threaded Fasteners Subjected To Axial Vibration
Dynamic Behavior And Modelling Of The Pre-Sliding Static Friction
Dynamic Failure Of Structural Joint Systems
Dynamic Loosening And Tightening Of A Single Bolt Assembly
Earnest Machine Technical Information
Eccentric Loading Producing Combined Shear And Tension
Eccentrically Loaded Bolted Connections 19
Eccentrically Loaded Slip-Resistant Connections
Effect Of Basic Thread Parameters On Fatigue Life SAE Paper
Effect Of Friction Coefficient On Screw Thread Loosening In Automobiles
Effect Of Friction On Subsurface Layer Microstructure In Austenitic And Martensitic Steels
Effect Of Geometry And Process Variations On Fastener Performance
Effect Of Inclined Nut Seatings On The Fatigue Of Steel Screw Threads Strength
Effect Of Nonproportional Loading On Creep-Fatigue Properties Of 304 Stainless Steel At Low Strain Ranges Near The Elastic Region
Effect Of Residual Stress Around Cold Worked Holes On Fracture Under Superimposed Mechanical Load
Effect Of Screw Threads On Fatigue - A Review Of The Literature
Effect Of Taper On Screw Thread Load Distribution
Effect Of Test Duration On Impactsliding Wear Damage Of 304l Stainless Steel At Room Temperature Metallurgical And Micromechanical Investigations
Effect Of Thread Run Out On The Stresses In Threaded Connections
Effective Thread Tapping In Hard Steels
Effects Of Asperity Shape And Summit Height Distributions On Friction And Wear Characteristics
Effects Of Joint Geometry And Bolt Torque On The Structural Performance Of Single Bolt Tension Joints In Pultruded Grp Sheet Material
Effects Of Material Pair Properties On The Frictional Behavior Of Metals
Effects Of Micro Rocking Vibrations And Surface Waviness On Wear And Wear Debris
Effects Of Surface Roughness Of Roll Metal Pins On Their Friction And Wear Characteristics
Effects Of Variations In The Screw Thread Coefficient Of Friction On The Clamping Force Of Bolted Connections
Elastic Stresses In Single Lap Joints Under Tension Or Compression
Elasto-Plastic Modelling Of Wood Bolted Connections
Electric Spindles For Fastener Tightening
Elimination Of Hexavalent Chromium - Update 2004
En 1591-1 Calculation
En1591 Foreword
Energy Concept Of The Coefficient Of Friction
Energy Dissipation Through Joints - Theory And Experiments
Enhanced Model Of A Plowing Asperity
Environmental Conditions For Advanced Fastener Systems SAE 670885
Environmentally Friendly Fastener Finishes
Error Proofed Prodction - Atlas Copco Booklet
Esna Catalog
European Fastener Quality Legislation
Evaluation Of Anti-Loosening Nuts For Screw Fasteners
Evaluation Of Frictional Characteristics For A Pin-On-Disk Apparatus With Different Dynamic Parameters
Evaluation Of The Plasticity Index As A Scuffing Criterion
Examples Of Bolt Failures
Experimental Investigation Of Sliding Friction Between Hard And Deformable Surfaces With Application To Manufacturing Processes
Experimental Study Of Loosening Of Threaded Fasteners Due To Dynamic Shear Loads
Experimental Study Of Mechanical Properties Of Composite Carbon Screws
Experimental Techniques To Evaluate Fatigue Crack Growth In Preflawed Bolts Under Tensile Loads
Expert System Aids Design For Assembly
Explaining The Mechanics Of Metallic Sliding Friction And Wear In Terms Of Slipline Field Models Of Asperity Deformation
Exploring The True Geometry Of The Inelastic Instantaneous Center Method For Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups
External Flange Loads And Koves Method
Faa Recommendations On Bolts
Faa Recommendations
Factors Affecting The Tightening Characteristics Of Bolts
Failure Analysis Of A SAE 4340 Steel Locking Bolt
Failure Analysis Of High Strength Steel Army Tank Recoil Mechanism Bolts
Failure Analysis Of High Temperature Studs
Failure Analysis Of K-Monel 500 (Ni–Cu–Al Alloy) Bolts
Failure Of A Threaded Pressurized Vessel
Failure Of Attachment Bolts At The Rotating Bearing On A Crane
Failure Of Self Locking Nuts On Aircraft
Failures Of Bolts In Helicopter Main Rotor Drive Plate Assembly Due To Improper Application Of Lubricant
Fastener Alloys For Critical Applications
Fastener Applications For Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines SAE 670888
Fastener Area Against Clearance Slots For Bearing Surface Pressure Evaluation
Fastener Design Manual 1
Fastener Design Manual 2
Fastener Failure And Product Liability 9
Fastener Finishes Hydrogen Embrittlement
Fastener Fits And Finishes Corrosion Testing
Fastener Fits And Finishes Mechanical Plating
Fastener Insertion Machine
Fastener Manufacturing Associations
Fastener Performance At Elevated Temperatures
Fastener Standardization And Selection Considerations - Nasa Guideline No Gd-Ed-2201
Fastener System Concept SAE 670889
Fastener Technology And Trends 40
Fastener Torque Control In Production Assembly Processes
Fastener Training Manual
Fasteners - More Specialist Applications
Fasteners And Finishes Why The Paranoia
Fasteners For Structural Bolted Joints To Be Assembled In Remote Handling
Fastening - How Tight Is Tight
Fastening And Joining Techniques And Design Data
Fastening And Joining
Fastenings Locator 1985
Fatigue Acceptance Test Limit Criterion For Larger Diameter Rolled Thread Fasteners
Fatigue Behaviour Of Aluminium Alloy 7075 Bolted Joints Treated With Oily Film Corrosion Compounds
Fatigue Design Of Bolted Joints Taking Account Of Reliability Concepts
Fatigue Life Estimation For Internal Threads In Class 1 Components
Fatigue Of Hsfg Bolted Joints - Effects Of Design Parameters
Fatigue Resistance Of Composite Joints With Countersunk Composite And Metal Fasteners
Fatigue Strength Of Bolted Joints
Fatigue Strength Of External And Internal Steel Screw Threads Under Axial Loipding
Fatigue Strength Of Large Steel Bolts And Threaded Connections Under Axial Loading
Fatigue Strength Of Steel Screw Threads With Large Root Radii Under Axial Loading
Fatigue Testing Of Low-Alloy Steel Fasteners Subjected To Simultaneous Bending And Axial Loads
Federal Investigations Reveal Substandard Bolts In Us Commercial Products
Fera Case Study No. 1
Fera Case Study No. 2
Fera Case Study No. 3
Fera Case Study No. 4
Fera Coefficients Of Friction
Fera Design Of Bolted Joints 1
Fera Design Of Bolted Joints 2
Fera Design Of Bolted Joints 3
Fera Design Of Bolted Joints 4
Fera Design Of Bolted Joints 5
Fera Design Of Bolted Joints 6
Fera External Threaded Product
Fera External Threads Property Classes
Fera Hydrogen Embrittlement
Fera Internally Threaded Products Property Classes
Fera Internally Threaded Products
Fera Materials - Stainless Steel - Data
Fera Materials - Stainless Steel
Fera Newsletter 1
Fera Newsletter 2
Fera Newsletter 3
Fera Newsletter 4
Fera Newsletter 5
Fera Newsletter 6
Fera Newsletter 7
Fera Rolled Thread Machine Screws
Fera Self-Tapping Screws
Fera Thread-Forming Screws
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (Frp) Piping Systems
Fifty Years Of Research On The Wear Of Metals
Final Report On Riveted And Bolted Structural Joints - Project Ihr-5
Finally A New Research Council Spec
Fine Thread Versus Coarse Thread - A Comparison Of The Maximum Holding Power
Finite Element Analysis Of Bolted Connections For Pfrp Composites
Finite Element Analysis Of Bolted Flange Connections
Finite Element Analysis Of Fastening And Joining A Bibliography 1990 - 2002
Finite Element Analysis Of Self-Sealing Pipe Flange Connections
Finite Element Implementation Of A Generalized Friction Model - Application To An Upsetting–Sliding Test
Finite Element Modelling Of Threaded Fastener Loosening Due To Dynamic Forces
Finite Element Studies Of Bolt Stagger Effects In Tension Members
Firth Cleveland - Helpful Hints On Threaded Fasteners 40
Five-Year Fastener Finishes
Flexibility Of A Single Bolt Shear Bolt
Flexloc Self Locking Nuts
Floating And Fixed Fasteners - Dimensional Tolerancing
Flowdrilling For Direct Fastening
Focused Alloy Development
Ford Fastener Finish Specifications
Ford Finish Specification Wx100
Ford Standard Torque Specifications Pt-3
Ford Wz 101 Standard - Steel Metric Threaded Fasteners Torque-Clamping Force Performance
Fractal Or Fiction
Fracture Mechanics Of Mechanically Fastened Joints - A Bibliography
Friction - The Present State Of Our Understanding
Friction Against Superplastic Aluminium Alloys
Friction And Wear Model For A Heavily Loaded Sliding Pair - Part I - Metal Damage And Fracture Model
Friction And Wear Model Of A Heavy Loaded Sliding Pair - Part Iii - Application To A Lubricated Plane Bearing
Friction And Wear Model Of A Heavy-Loaded Sliding Pair - Part Ii Application To An Unlubricated Journal Bearing
Friction And Wear On The Atomic Scale
Friction Coefficient For Various Finish Treatments
Friction Control For Vibration Suppression
Friction Joint Theory
Friction Of Smooth Surfaces With Ultrafine Particles In The Clearance
Fuji Prescale - A Picture Of Pressure SAE 850186
Fuji Prescale Film
Further Investigations Into The Torque-Tightening Relationship For Threaded Fasteners (Br73257)
Galling Causes, Tests And Controls
Galling Initiation Due To Frictional Heating
Gasket Characteristics For The Design Of Bolted Flange Connections Of Metal-To-Metal Contact Type
Gasket Leakage Behavior Trends
Gasketed Joint Analysis Using Computer Aided Engineering Techniques SAE 920131
Gaskets - A State Of The Art Review
Geomet Coating Brochure
Getting Started With Xylan
Getting To The Nuts And Bolts Of The Problem
Glossary Of Terms Des Moines Bolt Supply Inc
Glossary Of Torque Measurement Product Descriptions
Guide To Design Criteria For Bolted And Riveted Joints
Guide To The Screw Thread Standards Of Various Countries
Guide To World Screw Thread Series Symbols
Guidelines To Derivation Of Bolt Torques
Handbook Of Corrosion Engineering - Materials Selection
Hcp Construction Bolt Calculations
Heading Of Parts That Used To Be Machined
Heavy Metals In Vehicles Final Report
Heavy Metals In Vehicles Ii
Heli-Coil Saviour Of The Tapped Hole
Helping To Eliminate Chrome In Vehicles
Hexavalent Chromium Elimination Practical Advice
Hi-Bolt Load Sensing Bolt
High Strength Bolted Moment Connections
High Strength Fasteners Cold Forged Out Of Work Hardening Steel
High Strength Fasteners
High Strength Friction Grip Bolts--Optimal Parameters For The Combined Method Of Tightening
High Tech Bolts For Torque To Yield 1
High Tech Or Hype Tech - Laser Inspection Systems
Hole Size Matters
How Do You Make Those - Adjusting Stem
How Do You Make Those - All Metal Hexagon Locknuts
How Do You Make Those - Hex Bolts With Chemical Adhesive
How Do You Make Those - Isolator Studs
How Do You Make Those - Mounting Studs
How Do You Make Those - Standard Drive Studs
How Do You Make Those - Structural Bolts And Nuts
How Much Prestress For Bolted Joints
How Much Shake Can Bolted Joints Take
How To Analyze Shaft And Bolt Failures
How To Be Healthy, Weathy And Wise Through Fastening Analysis; The How To Of Living With Fasteners SAE 730309
How To Calculate Preload Loss Due To Permanent Set In Bolted Joints 44
How To Choose The Proper Socket Wrench
How To Determine A Thread's Lead Variation
How To Extract Stuck Screws
How To Passivate Stainless Steel Parts
How To Rule The Waves
How To Select The Right Stainless Steel Or High Temperature Alloy For Heading
How To Stop Thread Galling On Stainless Fasteners
Hse Guidance - Bolting Of Flanged Joints For Pressurised Systems
Hydraulic Bolt Tightening Technology Extended To Cover Broad Markets
Hydrogen Embrittlement In Automotive Fastener Applications SAE 960312
Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing
Hydrogen-Assisted Stress Cracking Of High-Strength Wheel Bolts
Hysteretic Behavior Of Bolted-Angle Connections
Identification Of A Bolted-Joint Model With Fuzzy Parameters Loaded Normal To The Contact Interface
Identification Of Bolted Joints Through Laser Vibrometry
If You Cant Buy Us Structural Bolts
Improved Belleville Spring Washer
Improving The Reliability Of The Bolted Joint
Induced Loads On Bolted Components
Industrial Fasteners - Us Industry Study
Influence Of Equivalent Bolt Length In Finite Element Modeling Of T-Stub Steel Connections
Influence Of Fastener Flexibility On The Prediction Of Load Transfer And Fatigue Life For Multiple Row Joints
Influence Of Fastener Placement On Vibration-Induced Loosening
Influence Of Wear Particle Interaction In The Sliding Interface On Friction Of Metals
Inspecting Tapped Holes With Fixed Limit Gages
Instabilities Of Sliding Friction Governed By Asperity Interference Mechanisms
Installation And Tightening Of Bolts
Integral Fasteners - When Standard Fasteners Won't Do
Intelligent Fasteners
Interactive Microcomputer-Aided Design Of Shop Welded And Field Bolted Beam Column Connections
International Acceptance Criteria For Plated And Nicked Threads
Introduction To Torque-Turn Signature Analysis
Introduction To Torque-Turn Signature
Investiagtion Into The Vibration Loosening Characteristics Of The Double Plain Locknut Locking System
Investigating The Tube Crash - Loose Bolts Cause Motor To Fall Off
Investigation Into The Vibration Loosening Characteristics Of The Double Plain Locknut Locking System
Investigation Of Surface Treatments For Galling Protection Of Titanium Alloys
Investigation Of The Axial Stiffness Of A Bolt Using A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model
Investigation Of The Overall Friction Coefficient In Single-Pass Scratch Test
Investigations Of Bolt Loosening Mechanisms - Bolts Tightened Over Their Yield Point
Investigations Of Bolt Loosening Mechanisms - On The Center Of Twisted Joints
Investigations Of Bolt Loosening Mechanisms - Transversely Loaded Joints
Investigations Of Low Frequency Stick Slip Motion - Experiments And Numerical Modelling
Investigations On Bolted Connections For High Strength Steel Members
Irreversible Structural Change At The Interface Between Components During Fastening
Issues For Precision Thread Rolling
Jaguar Fastener Calculation Sheets
Joint Integrity Management Of Critical Flanges
Joint Slip In Steel Electric Transmission Towers
Jsc Fastener Integrity Testing Program
Kisssoft Vdi Bolt Calculation Guide
Knowledge Based System For Connection Design
Laboratory Techniques For Service History Estimations Of High Strength Fastener Failures
Lack Of Fit In High Strength Bolted Connections
Large-Diameter Parts Forming
Lench Load Indicating Washer
Leyland Hole Drilling Tests
Limitations Of The Coulomb Friction Assumption In Fretting Fatigue Analysis
Load Cases Used By Railtrack
Load Disc From Hytorc Helps To Achieve More Consistent Bolting
Load Distribution In Composite Multifastener Joints
Load Transmission By Elastic - Elasto-Plastic Or Fully Plastic Deformation Of Rough Interface Asperities
Local Fatigue Behaviour Of Cfrp Bolted Joints
Loctite Threadlocking
London Underground Derailment Blamed On Inadequate Response
Long Term Performance Of Cadmium Alternatives
Long-Term Performance Of Cadmium Alternatives
Loosening And Fatigue Strength Of Bolted Joints
Loosening By Repeated Impact Of Threaded Fastenings
Loosening By Vibration Of Threaded Fasteners
Loosening Of Fasteners By Vibration
Loosening Of Threaded Fasteners By Vibrations Phd Thesis
Low Cost Weighing System Uses Internally Strain Gauged Bolts
Low Cost, Reliable Screw Locking
Luglock Wheel Nut Security Ring
Machinery Handbook Threads And Threading Chapter
Machinery’s Handbook Fasteners Chapter
Maclean-Esna Presentation On Vibration Loosening
Maintaining Fastener Tighteness - A Presentation By Esna On Vibration Loosening
Maintaining Joint Integrity
Maintaining The Joint Integrity Of Critical Connections
Making Fastener Choices - Setting Torque Specifications
Making Fastener Choices-Thin Metal
Making Fastener-Making Tools Last Longer
Manufacturer Identification Symbols - International Guide - Fifth Edition
Manufacturer Identification Symbols For Fasteners
Marks Standard Handbook - Materials Of Engineering Chapter
Marks Standard Handbook Machine Elements Chapter
Maryland Metrics Metric Fastener Technical Information And Data
Matching Test Equipment To The Application
Matrix Methods For Bolted Structures
Measurement Of Static Friction Coefficient Between Flat Surfaces
Measurements Of Nominal Contact Area In Metallic Interfaces A Comparison Between An Ultrasonic Method And A Pressure-Sensitive Film
Measuring Fastener Forces
Mechanical Behaviors Of Bolted Joint During Tightening Using Torque Control
Mechanical Behaviour Of A Combined Joint Composed Of Mechanical Fastening And Adhesive Bonding
Mechanical Fastening And Engineering Component Design
Mechanical Tightening For Automated Assembly
Mechanism-Based Modeling Of Friction And Wear
Metal Fatigue - Past Present And Future
Metal Surfaces In Contact Under Normal Forces - Some Dynamic Stiffness And Damping Characteristics
Metallic Sliding Friction Under Boundary Lubricated Conditions - Investigation Of The Influence Of Lubricant At The Start Of Sliding
Metallographic Examination Of Aluminium Plates With Drilled Or Punched Holes
Metallographic Preparation Of Fasteners
Metallurgical Analysis Of Failed Ss 304 Bolts Used In Flanged Joints Of A Liquid Oxidiser Pipe Line
Metallurgical Failure Analysis Of Titanium Wing Attachment Bolts
Methods Of Analysis Of Bolted-Flanged Connections - A Review
Metric Fasteners - Design And Performance Opportunities SAE 770421
Metric Screw Threads Ifi
Mil Hdbk 5h Handbook - Chapter 8 Structural Joints
Mil-Dtl-18240f Detail Specification - Fastener Element - Self-Locking - Threaded Fastener - 250°F Maximum
Mil-Dtl-25027h - Detail Specification Nut Self-Locking 250° F 450° F And 800° F
Mil-I-45914a General Specification For Inserts
Mil-S-8879c Thread Standard Replacement
Minutes Of The Bolting Technology Council Nov 2002
Missing Bolt Causes Rail Safety Fear
Modeling Friction And Wear Phenomena
Modeling The Effect Ofskewness And Kurtosis On The Static Friction Coefficient Of Rough Surfaces
Modelling Low Stress Abrasive Wear
Modelling Nonlinear Dynamics Of Bolted Assemblies
Modelling Tackles Joints Which Move
Modern Methods For Controlling The Tightening Of Fasteners With Power Tools
Modern Torque Technology For Safe Accurate Bolting
Molykote Special Lubricants Guide
Moment Rotation Characteristics Of Bolted Connections
Moment-Capacity And Rotational Stiffness Of Endplate Connections To Concrete-Filled Tubular Columns With Flowdrilled Connectors
Multi-Bolt Mechanical Tensioners
Multicontact Solid Friction - A Macroscopic Probe Of Pinning And Dissipation On The Mesoscopic Scale
Myths That Must Be Shattered
Nasa Criteria For Preloaded Bolts
Nasa Design And Evaluation Of A Bolted Joint For A Discrete Carbon Epoxy Rod Reinforced Hat Section
Nasa Fastener Design Manual
Nasa Mechanical Fastener Inspection System
Nasm 25027 Prevailing Torque Locknut Performance Specification
New Analytical And Numerical Results For Two Dimensional Contact Pros
New Analytical Solutions For A Flat Rounded Punch Compared With Fem
New Bolts And Studs For Torque To Yield
New Compound Overcomes Stainless Bolt And Nut Galling
New Criteria For Self-Loosening Of Fasteners Under Vibration SAE 690055
New Data Of Fastener Fatigue
New Design Criteria For Roof Bolt Systems
New Design Of Nut Redistributes Axial Load
New Developments In Fastening Elements - Design And Production
New Developments In Tightness Auditing Of Joints
New Look At Bolted Joint Design 33
New Solid Lubricant Coatings
New Species Of Vibration Proof Fasteners 18
New Species Of Vibration Proof Threaded Fasteners SAE 840504
New Technology For Detecting Bolt Head Defects
New Test Method And Apparatus For Measuring Galling Resistance
New Twists In Bolting 16
New-Generation Straightening Rolls
Non-Asbestos Gaskets
Non-Linear Spring Resistance And Friction Damping Of Frictional Constraint Having Two-Dimensional Motion
Nord-Lock Bolt Securing System
Numerical Analysis Of A Railroad Bolt Hole Fracture Problem
Nuts And Bolts By Eric Donald New Scientist June 2002
Nuts And Bolts Of Rail Safety
Nuts And Bolts
Oldie But Goodie Fastener Finishes
On A High Frequency Mechanism Of Self Loosening Of Fasteners
On A Uniform System Of Screw Threads - Joseph Whitworth
On Optimal Bolt Preload
On Self-Loosening Of Threaded Joints In The Case Of Absence Of Macroscopic Bearing-Surface Sliding
On The Compliance And The Load Factor Of Bolted Connections Subjected To Eccentric Loading
On The Dynamics Of The Friction Coefficient
On The Nature Of The Static Friction, Kinetic Friction And Creep
On The Self Loosening Of A Bolts Nuts Under Repeated Tensile Loads
On Thread-Loosening Test By Means Of Staircase Method
One Measurement Is Not Enough To Assure 6 Lobe Recess Quality
Optimal Prestressing Of Bolted Flanges
Optimizing Study Of Slbs For Higher Anti-Loosening Performance
Optimum Design Of Preloaded Bolted Joint Under Harmonic Excitation
Origin Of The Concept Of Screws Is In The Spiral And Helices Of Nature
Overview Of Navy Fasteners Presentation
P&T Precision Engineering Ltd., Makers Of Junkers Machines
Patent Us No 135898
Patent Us No 144964
Patent Us No 301085
Patent Us No 382920
Patent Us No 78864
Patented Self-Retaining Nut And Bolt
Permanentech Vibration Proof Fastening System
Phospahte Fiasco
Pierce And Roll Riveting
Piping Handbook - Bolted Joints
Plastic Stress Strain Relations
Pneumatic Tools For Tightening Threaded Fasteners SAE 700009
Pocket Guide To Screwdriving By Atlas Copco
Pocket Guide To The Methods Of Monitoring And Controlling The Tightening Process
Pocket Guide To Tightening Technique By Atlas Copco
Poor Quality Fasteners Causing Concern
Potters Bar Rail Accident
Power & Hand Tools Research Study
Power Law Fluid Model Incorporated Into Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Theory Of Line Contact
Power Tools And Monitoring Systems
Powerpoint - Calculation Of Tightening With Angular Control For Bolted Connections
Pre-Applied Thread Patch Of Benefit To More Than Just Fastener Users
Pre-Coated External Threads
Prediction Of The Load Carrying Capacity Of Bolted Timber Joints
Preload - A Partially Solved Mystery 26
Preload Relaxation Of Steel Fasteners In Zinc Alloy Pressure Die Castings - Some Engineering Solutions SAE 960763
Preseone Los Bordes - Squash The Bumps
Pressure Mapping In Machine Joints And Contacts
Pretension Diagrams For Bolted Joints
Principle Modes Of Failure Causing Lost Wheels From Tractor-Trailer Combination Vehicles
Project Specifications For High-Strength Bolts
Proof Of Wheel Fasteners By Multiaxial Tests In The Biaxial Wheel Test Rig
Properties Of Equal Bodies In Contact With Friction
Proposal Of New Torque Control Method And New Design System In Bolted Joints
Rapid Determination Of Ultimate Strength Of Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups
Recall Responsibilities For Manufacturers Supplying Fasteners To The Automotive Industry
Recommended Erection And Field Inspection Procedures For High-Strength Bolts In Structural Steel Assemblies
Reduce Maintenance Costs By Using Engineered Surfaces To Control Friction And Galling
Reduction Of Hydrogen Embrittlement In High-Strength Precision Fasteners
Reinventing The Screw
Relaxation Phenomena In Nitrogen Austenitic Steels
Reliability Evaluation Of Bolts Tightened In Plastic Region And Their Application To Diesel Engines SAE 840505
Replacing Hexavalent Chromium In Passivations On Zinc Plated Parts
Report On The Accident To Aerospatiale As332l Super Puma - Uk Air Accidents Investigation Branch
Report On Vibration Testing Of Threaded Fasteners
Requirements For The Certification Of Personnel Engaged In The Integrity Management Of Bolted Joints
Research Into Learning About Friction - A Thesis For A Master Of Philosophy
Residual Strength Assessment Of Stress Corrosion In High Strength Steel Components
Resistance Factors For Blind Bolts In Direct Tension
Reuse Of A325 And A490 High Strength Bolts
Revision To As 2885-1 Stud Bolting Of Flanges
Rivetting Ideas For Composites
Robertson Guide To World Screw Thread Standards
Rolling Of Internal Threads Part 1
Rolling Of Internal Threads Part 2
Rolling Of Long Screws
Rotabolt - Web Site Info August 2002
Rotabolt Load Monitored Fasteners
Rotational Capacity Testing Of Fasteners Using A Tension Measuring Device
Rs Technologies Fastener Test Report
SAE 770420 Analysis And Design Of Threaded Assemblies 36
SAE 800451 Advances In High-Performance Mechanical Fastenings 39
SAE Gasket And Joint Design Manual For Engine And Transmission Systems
Safely Using Yield Control
Screw Friction Testing Machine
Screw Interlocks With Plastic And Doesn't Loosen
Screws And Screwing
Sealed Joints With Regard To Corrosive Processes
Seeking The Perfect Locking Method For Threaded Fasteners 10
Select The Best Exotic Grade For Cold Heading
Selecting And Testing Industrial Gaskets For Bolted Joints
Selecting Gaskets For Flanged Joints
Selecting The Right Thread Rolling Technology
Self Locking And Captive Nuts
Self Locking Screws And Some Options
Self Loosening Of Bolted Joints In Machine Tools During Service
Self Loosening Of Threaded Joints Under Ultrasonic Vibration - On Separating Phenomena Between Bearing Surfaces
Self Pierce Riviting Technology
Self Tapping Fasteners
Self-Induced Oscillations Of Friction Process Parameters
Self-Piercing Riviting
Sem And Kep Fastener Origins
Sensing Bolt Rewrites The Rules On Load
Serco Ryan A - Z Of Fasteners
Sermagard Website
Shakedown Analysis And Fretting Wear Response Under Gross Slip Condition
Shakedown And Failure Of The Threaded Joints Under Low Cyclic Loading
Shakedown Limits On Coated And Engineered Surfaces
Shakedown Limits On Coated Surfaces
Shakedown Of Elastic-Plastic Solids With Frictionless Unilateral Contact Boundary Conditions
Shakedown Theorems For Some Classes Of Nonassociative Hardening Elastic-Plastic Material Models
Shear Loaded Fastener Installations
Shock-Induced Loosening Of Dimensionally Non-Conforming Threaded Fasteners
Short Form - Dti Installation And Inspection Sheet
Simple Diagrams Aid In Analyzing Forces In Bolted Joints
Simple Formula For Eccentric Bolted Connection Design
Simulating The Worn Surface In A Wear Process
Simulation Of Dynamics Of Beam Structures With Bolted Joints Using Adjusted Iwan Beam Elements
Simulation Of Prestressed Screw Joints In Complex Structures
Simulation Of The Fastener Manufacturing Process
Simultaneous Observation Of The Evolution Of Debris Density And Friction Coefficient In Dry Sliding Steel Contacts
Singular Plastic Fields In Wedge Indentation Of Pressure Sensitive Solids
Sliding Without Wear
Small Screw Threads
Smart Bolts - An Example Of Self-Healing Structures
Smart Bolts - Direct Tension Indicating Fasteners
Some Comments On Plasticity Postulates And Non-Associative Flow Rules
Some Observations On Friction In Screw Threads
Sourcebook Of Mechanical Components - Fastening And Joining
Sourcebook Of Mechanical Components - Threaded Components
Specification Conformance And Product Usability
Specification For Structural Joints Using Astm A325 Or A490 Bolts
Specification For The Use Of High Strength Friction Grip Bolts In Structural Steelwork Bs4604
Specification Plating Of Fasteners
Specifying Zinc Alloy Coatings For Improved Galvanic Corrosion Performance SAE 971004
Spiralock Nuts
Spiralock Web Site
Sps Drawings Of Bolts
Sps Drawings Of Nuts
Sps Drawings Of Platenuts
Sps Drawings Of Washers
Sps Flexloc Self Locking Nuts
Sps Preload Indicating Washers Brochure
Sps Racing Parts Brochure
Sps Torqcalc Program Guide
Sps Tru-Flex Brochure
Sps-B-640 Standard Externally Threaded Tension - Shear And Fatigue Rated Fasteners
Sps-I-700 Standard Acceptance Criteria For Surface Discontinuities On Nut Products
Square Socket Inspectin Gets Certification From Ifi
Squirter Dti’s Make Scr- Hrsg Bolting Easy
Squirter Tension Indicator Trial Project
Squirters Blind Tested At University Of Idaho
Stainless Steel Fasteners - Their Use And Application 17
Standards On Thread Taps
State-Of-The-Art Process Control For Thread Rolling
Static And Dynamic Friction Processes Under The Influence Of External Vibrations
Static Friction Coefficients For Mechanical And Structural Joints
Static Friction Processes Under Dynamic Loads And Vibration
Static Strength Of Screwed Fasteners
Statistical Analysis Of Asperities On A Rough Surface
Status Report On The Changeover To Hexavalent Chromium-Free Coatings
Stick-Slip Dynamics Of Interfacial Friction
Straightening Bolts At High-Speed
Strength And Lifetime Of Bolted Laminates
Strength And Rotational Response Of Moment Connections To Tubular Columns Using Flowdrill Connectors
Strength And Rotational Stiffness Of Simple Connections To Tubular Columns Using Flowdrill Connectors
Strength Of Angles And Club-Foot Fittings
Strength Prediction Of Bolted Joints In Graphite-Epoxy Composite Laminates
Stress Analysis O F A Bolt-Nut J O I N T By The Finite Element Method And The Copper-Electroplating Method
Stress Analysis Of Drillstring Threaded Connections Using The Finite Element Method
Stress Analysis Of Some Nut-Bolt Connections With Modifications To The External Shape Of The Nut
Stress Analysis Of Some Unsymmetric Screwed Connections
Stress Concentration Factors Within Bolt-Nut Connectors Under Elasto-Plastic Deformation
Stress Corrosion Cracking In Alloy Steel Fasteners
Stress Corrosion Resistant Bolts Identified
Stress Intensity Factor Solutions For Cracks In Threaded Fasteners
Stress Intensity Factor Solutions For Fasteners In Nasgro 3.0
Stress Relaxation Properties Of Prestressed Steel Wires
Structural Fasteners And Their Application
Structural Fasteners For Extreme Temperature Utilization
Structural Health Monitoring Of An Aircraft Joint
Structural Steel Designers Handbook - Section 5 - Connections
Studies Of The Use Of Drilled Holes To Control Fatigue Cracks In Welded Structures
Study Of Dry Friction Under Small Displacements And Near-Zero Sliding Velocity
Study Of Threaded Inserts
Study On Self-Loosening Of Bolted Joints Taking Into Account Of Characteristics Of Impulsive Friction
Study On The Loosening Characteristics Of Bolts Installed In Steel Tower
Surface Damage Under Dynamic Loading
Surface Preparation For Cold Forging By Mechanical Coating
Swaged Bolts - Modelling Of The Installation Process And Numerical Analysis Of The Mechanical Behaviour
Take The Guesswork Out Of Gaskets
Tamper Resistant Fasteners
Tapping Threading Technology
Tekscan Industrial Catalog
Tension At The Root Of The Wheel-Fixing Worries
Tension Control Bolts Strength And Installation
Tension In Steel Bolts Resulting From Tightening Torque
Tensor Critical Joint
Test System For Nuts And Bolts - Schatz
Testing Method To Determine The Slip Coefficient For Coatings Used In Bolted Joints
Tests Of Bolted Moment End Plate Connections In Tubular Members
Tests On Threaded Sections Show Exact Strengthening Effect Of Threads
Tests Show Squirter Dtis Are Amazingly Accurate
Textron Design Tools And Technical Data
The Behaviour Of High-Strength Grade 8.8 Bolts In Fire
The Bolted Joint - Economy Of Design Through Improved Analysis And Assembly Methods 32
The Bolted Joint - Part 1 - Training For Gas Pipeline Industry
The Bolted Joint - Part 2 - Training For Gas Pipeline Industry
The Bolted Joint - Part 3 - Training For Gas Pipeline Industry
The Bolting Of Magnesium Components In Car Engines
The Bolting Technology Council And The Serach For More Accurate Preload
The Bump Thread
The Design Of Bolted Flange Joints In Grp 23
The Distribution Of Load In Screw Threads
The Distribution Of The Clamping Pressure In Friction Grip Bolted Joints 35
The Distribution Of The Clamping Pressure In Friction Grip Bolted Joints
The Dynamic Behaviour Of Rail Fasteners At High Frequencies
The Effect Of Burrs On The Shear Capacity Of Bolted Connections
The Effect Of Cold Expansion On Improving The Fatigue Life Of Fastener Holes
The Effect Of Eccentric Loading On The Fatigue Performance Of High-Tensile Bolts
The Effect Of Fasteners On The Fatigue Life Of Fiber Reinforced Composites
The Effect Of Flatness Of Joint Faces Upon The Static Stiffness Of Machine Tool Joints
The Effect Of Lubricant Selection On Galling In A Model Wear Test
The Effect Of Manufacturing Processes On The Fatigue Lifetime Of Aeronautical Bolts
The Effect Of Mean Stress On The Fatigue Limit Of High Tensile Bolts
The Effect Of Nut Design On The Fatigue Life Of Internal Wrenching Bolts
The Effect Of Pre-Treatment Of Substrate On Fretting Tribological Behavior Of Mos2 Coatings
The Effect Of Repeated Torque On The Ultimate Tensile Strength Of Slotted Gold Prosthetic Screws
The Effect Of Surface Roughness On The Temperature At The Contact Between Sliding Bodies
The Effect Of Thread Angle On Loosening By Impact - Theoretical Analysis
The Effect Of Thread Dimensional Conformance On Vibration Induced Loosening
The Effect Of Thread Dimensional Conformance On Yield And Tensile Strength
The Effect Of Ultimate-To-Yield Ratio On The Bearing Strength Of Bolted Connections
The Effects Of Over-Compressing Astm F959 Direct Tension Indicators On A325 Bolts Used In Shear Connections
The Friction And Wear Behaviour Of Polyamide 6 Sliding Against Steel At Low Velocity Under Very High Contact Pressures
The Friction Coefficient Of Fasteners
The Friction Force During Stick-Slip With Velocity Reversal
The Genesis Of Friction
The Humble Screw
The Ilities Of Fastener Technology SAE 670890
The Importance Of High Integrity Bolted Joints For Engineering Pipelines
The Influence Of Abutment Screw Tightening On Screw Joint Configuration
The Influence Of Lubrication On The Design Of Yield Tightened Joints
The Influence Of Roughness On Friction - Part Ii - The Influence Of Multiple Steps
The Influence Of Roughness On Friction - Part I - The Influence Of A Single Step
The Influence Of Standards On Competitiveness In Today's World Market
The Influence Of Surface Deformation On Mechanical Wear
The Influence Of Surface Roughness On Friction And Wear Of Machine Element Coatings
The Influence Of Tap Drill Size And Length Of Engagement Upon The Strength Of Tapped Holes
The Lost Wheels Crisis
The Lost Wheels Mystery
The Mechanisms Of Fatigue-Improvement Fasteners In High Quality Shear Loaded Joints SAE 780103
The Optimisation Of The Design Of Nuts With Partly Tapered Threads
The Plowing Erosion Of Organic Coatings By Spherical Particles
The Power To Tighten
The Prediction Of Friction And Wear When A Soft Surface Slides Against A Harder Rough Surface
The Relation Between Friction Force And Relative Speed During The Slip Phase Of A Stick-Slip Cycle
The Relation Between Friction Force And Relative Speed During The Slip-Phase Of A Stick-Slip Cycle
The Relaxation Of Bolts At High Temperatures
The Replacement Of Hexavalent Chromium
The Side Effect Of Tightening Fasteners
The Significance And Use Of The Friction Coefficient
The Sliding Wear Of Ceramics
The Static And Fatigue Strength Of Bolted Joints In Composites With Hygrothermal Cycling
The Strength Of Friction Grip Bolted Joints
The Tightening Of Bolted Joints
The Torque Monitor
The Torque-Control Method
The Torque-Tension Behaviour Of 22 X 1.5 Bolts For Fixing Spigot Located Wheels On Heavy Commercial Vehicles
The Truth About Torque And Tension
The Use Of Gasket Factors In Flange Calculations
The Variation In The Threads Of The Dowel Screws Of Spectacle Frames
The Williams Split Nut - A Major Development In Bolted Connections 11
The Yielding Of Fasteners During Tightening
Theoretical Modeling Of Crack Arrest By Inserting Interference Fit Fasteners
Theory Of The Noncontact Friction Forces Between Sliding Nanoasperity And A Surface
There's The Rub - What Is The Nature Of Friction
Thermal Drilling
Thermal Stress Analysis And The New Gasket Factors Of Pipe Flange Connections With Spiral Wound Gaskets Under Elevated Temperature
Thread Engagement In Cast Iron SAE 680130
Thread Lap Behavior Determination Using Finite-Element Analysis And Fracture Mechanics Techniques
Thread Nicks - Go Ring Torque
Thread Rolling
Thread Rolling Dies - Planetary Versis Flat Type
Thread Stripping Article From Hexagon Site
Threaded Components Under Axial Harmonic Vibration - Part 1 - Experiments
Threaded Components Under Axial Harmonic Vibration - Part 2 - Kinematic Analysis
Threaded Fasteners
Threadstone - Restore Damaged Threads On Large Bolts
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Of Pipe Flange - Effects Of Flange Interface Geometry
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Of Threaded Fastener Loosening Due To Dynamic Shear Loads
Three-Dimensional Finite Elements Of Steel Bolted Connections
Threshold Galling Load And Frictional Behavior Of Stainless Steel Couples In Line Contact
Threshold Galling Stresses For Stainless Steels
Tighten It Up
Tightening Threaded Fasteners Using Torque Control
Tightening Tips
Tightening Torques For Bolts Preloaded Up To The Plastic Range
Tightening Up On Torque
Tightening Up Safety On The Railways
Tightness Prediction Of Bolted Flanged Connections Subjected To External Bending Moments
Timber Fasteners - Design And Installation
Tin-Zinc As A Replacement For Cadmium
Tips On Hydraulic Tensioning
Torque Auditing For SPC
Torque Control Of Threaded Fasteners
Torque Reaction In Angled Nutrunners
Torque Sense
Torque Tables For All Occasions
Torque Tensioning Of Galvanized Bolts
Torque Tightening - Measurement Control And Documentation
Torque Tool Considerations
Torqueing About A Revolution
Torqueing Reaction Plates
Torque-Tension Test Data Acquisition And Reduction SAE 690057
Torquing Of Stainless Steel Fastening Systems
Torquing for tightness
Toughness The Shearing Of Self-Mated Junctions And Friction
Towards A Deeper Understanding Of Wear And Friction On The Atomic Scale—A Molecular Dynamics Analysis
Train Derailment At Potters Bar 10 May 2002 - A Progress Report By The HSE Investigation Board May 2003
Train Derailment At Potters Bar Hse Interim Report 14 May 2002
Transition From Static To Kinetic Friction Of Unlubricated
Trends In Fastener Finishing
Tribological Analysis And Anti-Galling Design Of Ocean-Floor Pile Reformation Tool
Tribology In Threaded Joints - Tightening And Loosening
Tribology Testing Of Fasteners - Optimization Of Materials
Tribology Testing Of Fasteners - Optimization Of Materials
Truck Wheel Loosening Problems
Tungsten Disulphide Coatings - Ws2 Coatings Ltd
Turn Of The Century
Tutorial On Threads
Two Measures Are Required To Assure 6 Lobe Recess Quality
Two Piece Wheelnut
Ultimate Strength Of Bolted Moment-Connections Between Cold-Formed Steel Members
Ultrasonic Bolt Stress Monitoring Abstract Integra Technologies
Ultrasonic Control Of Bolt Preload
Ultrasonic Tension Sensor
Unbrako Engineering Guide
Uncertainties And Dynamic Problems Of Bolted Joints And Other Fasteners
Understanding The Mechanical Behavior Of Threaded Fasteners In Thermoplastic Bosses Under Load SAE 960293
Unraveling The Myths Of The Fastener World SAE 810509
Us Fastener Insignia Register
Us Fastener Quality Act
Use Of Fasteners Threaded All The Way To The Head
Use Of Snug Tightened Bolts In End Plate Connections
Use Of Two Nuts To Lock Fasteners Together
Users Experiences With Tightness Of Flanged Joints
Using Torque Tightening With Improved Analysis And Assembly Techniques
Variation Of Clamping Force In A Single-Bolt Assembly Subjected To Axial Vibration
Vdi 2230 Systematic Calculation Of High Duty Bolted Joints
Verification Of Quality Assurance Of European 4.6 And 8.8 Bolts
Very High-Speed Forming And Cutting
Vibration Induced Fastener Failure From Localized Slip
Vibration Induced Loosening Of Threaded Fasteners - Mechanisms - Modelling And Design Guidelines - Phd Thesis
Vibration Loosening Of Threaded Fasteners
Vibration Resistance Of Lockwashers On Grade 4.8 Screwed Assemblies
Vibration Resistant Fastener
Vibration Test To The Mil-Std-1312-7a Standard
Vibration Testing Of Threaded Fasteners - Comparison Of Locking Devices On Grade 8.8 Assemblies
Vibration Tests Confirm Conclusions Of Ifi Research Report
Vibratory Loosening Of Bolts SAE 660432
Virgin Bolt Phenomenon
Visual Recognition Of Fastening Bolts For Railroad Maintenance
Vortok Checksafe Loose Nuts Indicators
Washer Hardness Standards
Wave Analysis Of Implant Screw Loosening Using An Air Cylindrical Cyclic Loading Device
Wear By Plastic Ratchetting An Experimental Evaluation
Wear By Plastic Ratchetting
Wear In Relation To Friction - A Review
What Role For Contact Spots And Dislocations In Friction And Wear
What Torque Should I Use
Wheel Check - The Loose Wheel-Nut Indicator
Wheel Fastening Failure On Commercial Vehicles
Wheel Fix Failures - The Causes Start Unfolding
Wheel Security Defects On Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Wheel Stud And Nut Failures - West Midlands Police
Wheel-Fixing Weaknesses Confirmed
Where Do Old Nuts And Bolts Go
Why Bolts Loosen
Why Pre-Certified Structural Bolt Sets & Dtis Dramatically Improve Bolting Constructability
Wood Connections
World Fastener Demand To Grow To $46 Billion
World Fastener Survey
World Industrial Fasteners April 2004
Wright Spline Bolt Head Style