Torque to Yield Tests

Torque-Angle Graph

Tests can be performed on actual assemblies to obtain torque-angle graphs that can be used to establish the torque to reach the yield strength of the bolt. Such graphs can be used to establish the appropriate torque-angle specification. They can also be used, with analysis software such as our BOLTCALC program, to assist in assessing the structural integrity of an assembly. The advantage of measuring the applied torque and angle of rotation of the fastener is that tests on the actual joint can be completed without having to change the joint stiffness by introducing a load cell.

Torque-angle and bolt preload-angle test information can also be used to establish the onset of thread stripping and joint compression failure. Measuring the angle of turn of the bolt/nut is an indirect way of measuring bolt extension/joint deformation. This can be used to advantage in many joint measurement applications.

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