Threaded Fastener Torque Tightening Program

TORQUE is a program which is designed to assist the Engineer in the solution of problems related to the torque tightening of threaded fasteners.

The program determines both tensile stress due to the elongation of the fastener, and the torsional stress due to the applied torque. It accounts for the frictional effects in the thread and between the nut face and clamped surface. Account can also be made for the effects of a reduced shank diameter (smaller than the thread size) and a prevailing torque. (The prevailing torque is the torque required to run a nut down a thread before engagement with the joint surface.)

A number of screen images for the program is presented below (further information and a link to a demo program is avaialble at the bottom of the page):

Presented below is further information related to this program

Example calculations (METRIC) completed by TORQUE

Example calculations (Inch/Lb) completed by TORQUE

Further details about the TORQUE Program Torque pdf Datasheet

Torque Datasheet in Adobe pdf format

The download for our demo program is packaged in a self extracting exe file that includes an uninstall facility if/when you want to cleanly remove the program and associated files from your system. To install the program when you have downloaded the file you need just to run it by double clicking on the file from Explorer or by using the Run option from the Start menu.

TORQUE Demo Program

Pricing and ordering details for the program