Training and Collaborative Problem Solving

Do you need some assistance in solving a particular bolting problem or issue?

Bolt Science may be able to assist. Using video conferencing a short, specialised piece of training can be provided to a team delivering state of the art information on a particular bolting issue.

This training can be provided to individuals within organisations independent of their geographical location, so long they have a broadband Internet connection. Such training providing state of the art information allows engineering teams to quickly get up to speed and solve bolting issues in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Collaborative problem solving

The rise of online teaching has transformed the way we can learn and work together. With the ability to reach Engineers anywhere in the world, there are time and cost advantages in completing such training using video conferencing.

Screen sharing using Zoom conferencing

The training will be delivered by Dr. Bill Eccles.

Brief biography

If you would like us to provide a quote for a training course delivering a particular specialised topic via video conferencing, why not contact us.