Mobile Training App Enhanced

The mobile iPad and Android App that Bolt Science uses for distance learning has recently been enhanced. The App allows you to download and view course content offline. Wherever the students are,they will be able to take courses even without Internet connection.

As students access their assignments, they see the status of each content item (To Do, Optional, or Completed) and accordingly orient themselves with the content library.

The LMS (Learning Management System) used by Bolt Science distance learning courses provides detailed statistics on a learner's activity with their assignments. All the data will be safely preserved even if the Internet breaks up while taking the course.

No matter if the course is taken online or offline, all learning results will be saved and sent out as soon as the connection is restored. Poor Internet connection won't disturb the learning process.

iPad was built for e-Learning. There are no more barriers to see all the course details. Once students open a course on their iPad and tap the “Play” button, the presentation is launched without browser panels or controls, providing a wall-to-wall e-Learning experience.

The status of the content progress is displayed right next to each content item, so that learners can clearly see how much is left to be learned.

The Mobile App allows learners to get the course or quiz completion certificate right on their iPads. Once the course completion is confirmed, the certificate can be printed.

If you don't have an iPad or similar Android device, no problem, you can access the training via an Internet browser.

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