We provide training on bolting technology and related matters. The majority of the training that we complete is focused on assisting Engineers and Designers solve bolting problems. We can offer training via online distance learning, or alternatively, face to face training in a classroom at your premises.

Online Distance Learning

Distance learning can provide several advantages to both a company and an individual. It allows the learning to be fitted around an individual's work commitments and can be completed at an individual's pace and at a location and time of choice. The distance learning courses provided by Bolt Science use a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows progress and responses to quizzes to be monitored. More details on this aspect on request.

When a group of people complete the training at the same time we can offer a hybred type course in which the online training is supplemented by question and answer sessions using Microsoft Teams or similar video conferencing platform.

The distance learning courses presently available include:

Bolting Technology for Engineers and Designers.

Torque Tightening - Best Practice Guidance.

Training in the UK at your Company's Premises

In Company Training Course on Bolting Technology Brochure Most of the training that we do at a company's premises are for Engineers and Designers on the technical aspects of bolting. The training can be of one, two or three days duration with the content to suit a particular industry or organisation. A handbook is provided with each course covering the subject matter in the presentations.

We have completed such in-house training to organisations in the automotive, rail, aerospace, specialist machinery and equipment, fastener and naval industry sectors as well as large consultancy companies.

We can provide courses at your premises covering the full range of fastener issues. A typical course would be of two days duration delivered to between 10 to 30 engineers. As previously mentioned, the course can be individually taylored to meet your specific requirements but an out of a typical course is presented in the link below.

In Company Training Course on Bolting Technology.

This training has been delivered world-wide and receives very positive feedback:

"Thank you very much for providing such an excellent 2 days of training last week. The consensus was that it was one of the most useful course we have had at BAE." Andy Lovatt, Mechanical Design Engineer, BAE Systems Land (UK)

"It is amazing how much from the course we are able to apply on a daily basis." Jason M. Hall, Leader - Bolted Joints and Static Seals, Cummins Turbo Technologies

Training in India at your Company's Premises

Coexlion can deliver this course in India, further information, including contact details are available on the Coexlion website.

Training Course in India on Bolting Technology for Engineers and Designers


Training in North America at your Company's Premises

Matrix Engineering can deliver this course in North America, further information, including contact details are available on the Matrix website.

Training Course in North America on Bolting Technology for Engineers and Designers


If you would like us to provide a quote for such training, why not contact us.

  If you would like us to develop an in-house course for your company relating to a topic within out expertise, why not contact us.

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