Screenshots from the Program

Presented below are screenshots from the program explaining how easy it is to complete an analysis using BOLTCALC. The program runs under the Windows opersting system.

Program Start-up

Tip of the Day

The program is designed for ease of use and fully utilizes the Windows graphical interface. At start-up the program can optionally display a tip of the day feature that provides information of a general nature related to bolted joints.

Bolt Size Estimate

Bolt Size Form

From the menu on the main form, other forms such as the bolt size estimate form can be viewed and edited. The minimum amount of data is required to be entered on this form for the program to provide an estimate of the bolt size required for an application.

Data Entry Form

Data Entry Form

For a more detailed analysis of a joint a multi-page data entry form is used to allow the various information to be entered. To assist the engineer, standard data is entered automatically once the bolt's diameter has been entered. The user can change any data entered automatically by the program.

Tightening Details Page

By clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the form, relevant information can be entered. For example, the form shown above allows the user to select the tightening method being used and enter specific details. The program contains a database of thread and head friction values to make selection of the appropriate value as easy as possible.

Additional forms can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate button in order to gain additional information about the data being requested by the program. Additional assistance can be requested by clicking on the Help button.


Results Page

Once all the necessary data has been entered, the program will compute and display the results. The results can also be output to a printer to a text file, or as html and loaded into a web browser.

View of the joint

The program will also display a view of the joint that can be useful for data checking. Any of the drawings and graphs produced can be printed out or exported as graphics files.

Torque Chart

A summary of the results is also presented that gives factors of safety for each of four possible failure modes: insufficient clamp force being provided, the fastener being overloaded, fatigue failure and excessive bearing pressure being present under the nut face. If a problem is found, the data can be edited by going back into the data entry form.

Joint Diagram

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