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Demo Programs

BOLTCALC - Bolted Joint Analysis Program bcdemo.exe (7.87 MB)
TORQUE - Torque Tightening Analysis Program torquedemo.exe (7.14 MB)

Data Sheets

BOLTCALC - Bolted Joint Analysis Program bcdatasht.pdf
TORQUE - Torque Tightening Analysis Program torqueds.pdf
Brochure on our Test and Consultancy Services brochure.pdf
Brochure - Bolting Technology for Engineers and Designers. Brochure-Bolting-Technology-for-Engineers-and-Designers.pdf
Brochure - Fundamentals of Threaded Fasteners and Bolting. Brochure-Fundamentals-of-Threaded-Fasteners-and-Bolting.pdf
Brochure - Training Course on Torque Tightening-Best: Practice Guidance Torque-Tightening-Best-Practice-Guidance-Online-Training-Brochure.pdf
Poster on why nuts and bolts can come loose Why_nuts_and_bolts_can_self-loosen.pdf

Training on the BOLTCALC Program

Torque Tightening Analysis using BOLTCALC Torque Analysis.pdf
Thread Stripping Analysis using BOLTCALC Thread Stripping.pdf
Joint Analysis using BOLTCALC Joint Analysis.pdf

Free Programs

Torque Converter Calculator tcsetup.exe (2 MB)
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