Expert Witness Services

Bolt Science can provide a service offering problem investigation and reporting with subsequent expert witness testimony in cases where litigation is involved, or, could become involved. We can also act in case when a single joint engineering expert is wished to be appointed.

Legal investigation, technical and project consulting, root cause analysis and expert witness services are available to insurance companies and law firms involving fastener and joint failures and products liability.

By having extensively researched the subject and by keeping up to date with the published literature, we can offer an expert opinion on fastener related matters.

We pride ourselves on communicating the resulting examination, evaluation and expert opinions in a concise and easy to understand manner. If you have a case that you believe that we may be able to assist you with, why not contact us for a no fee, initial consultation.

We have an extensive library of technical resources including technical reports, articles, research studies and standards on bolting related topics, all of which is indexed.

Titles in our Library

If you think that we could possibly be of assistance to you in providing expert witness services, please contact us.