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Many people think that bolting is one of those topics that never change, all that can be known about the topic is known. This is not the case. Advances in our understanding about the subject are continuing. For example into the causes of bolt preload reduction by relaxation and self-loosening. Posted on this page will be news about what is happening both in the subject in general and with Bolt Science in particular. This will include any updates to our training courses and software.

November 2019 Newsletter - HE and 10.9 Bolts
Earlier this year, the International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO published a technical report on hydrogen embrittlement. The technical report ISO/TR 20491 (Fasteners - Fundamentals of hydrogen embrittlement in steel fasteners) was published earlier this year (2019). Fasteners sustaining hydrogen embrittlement (HE) experience a permanent loss of ductility due to atomic hydrogen coupled with tensile stress affecting the cohesion of the metal. One controversial aspect of the technical report is that it asserts that property class 10.9 fasteners have no significant susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement failure assuming that the fasteners are produced using appropriately selected steel, well-controlled steel making and fastener manufacturing processes. < Read more >

Bolt Science Online Quiz
A new online quiz on bolting has just been launched by Bolt Science, designed to test an engineer and manufacturer's knowledge on bolting and torque tightening. The quiz, which may highlight gaps in a person's knowledge on bolting can be found on the Bolt Science website. < Read more >

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Previous News

Mobile Training App Enhanced
The mobile iPad and Android App that Bolt Science uses for distance learning has recently been enhanced. The App allows you to download and view course content offline. Wherever the students are,they will be able to take courses even without Internet connection. Read more >

Technical Article Published in the August 2015 Edition of Fastener Technology International
Article in Fastener Technology International
Bill Eccles of Bolt Science had an article published in the August 2015 edition of the Fastener Technology International magazine. The article titled 'Bolt Fatigue Failure due to Insufficient Tightening' is a case study discussing the consequences of not adequately tightening bolts. Read more > 

Bolt Science releases a new distance learning course for Engineers and Designers
Online Distance Learning Course
Bolt Science has released a new distance learning course titled: 'Bolting Technology for Engineers and Designers'. The training is completely online and can be taken whilst at work on a PC, or if you wish, from home or other location using a laptop,or a tablet device such as an iPad. Read more > 


If you have any news on bolting that may be of interest to us and our readership, why not share it and contact us.