Engineering Services That We Provide

Photoelastic image of a bolt Bolt Science is an independent engineering organisation which is focused on solving issues related to bolting and threaded fasteners. This includes theoretical and test investigations on bolt and joint failures, tightening and related problems and issues. Details of our specific services are:

Providing analytical solutions to bolting problems for our clients. 

The completion of tests on joints and fasteners. 

Providing expert witness services on fastening related problems. 

Bolt Science provides engineering consulting and technical services which can include testing programs involving torque-tension, torque-angle, yield control tightening procedures, fastener finishes, and joint evaluations. Our activities have included product development programs with a variety of industrial and consumer applications.

Legal investigation, technical and project consulting, root cause analysis and expert witness services are available to insurance companies and law firms involving fastener and joint failures and products liability.

Further specific details about our services are available by clicking a link below:

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If you think that we could possibly be of assistance to you in providing you with assistance with our test services, please contact us.

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