TORQUE Program

Threaded Fastener Torque Tightening Program

The TORQUE program is designed for use under the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Key points about the program are:

Will determine the appropriate tightening torque for any size of threaded fastener.

Will determine the clamp force (preload) for a given tightening torque or strength utilization of the thread.
Will determine the tightening given a clamp force (preload).
Will work in both metric and inch units
The program accesses extensive databases supplied with the program containing thread size details and bolt material properties for both inch and metric sizes. There are also extensive databases on thread and nut face friction coefficients for a large range of finishes and commonly used lubricants.

Torque pdf Datasheet

Presented below is further information related to this program

Web pages giving further details about TORQUE 

Example calculations (METRIC) completed by TORQUE

Example calculations (Inch/Lb) completed by TORQUE

Torque Datasheet in Adobe pdf format

The download for our demo program is packaged in a self extracting exe file. To install the program when you have downloaded the file you need just to run it by double clicking on the file from Explorer or by using the Run option from the Start menu.

TORQUE Demo Program