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We Provide Solutions to Bolting Problems

Our services include:

Development of "State of the Art" software for the analysis of bolted joints.

Photoelastic image of a bolt Providing solutions to bolting problems for our clients. 

The completion of tests on joints and fasteners. 

Providing training on bolting technology. 

Bolt Science was founded in 1992 with the intention of becoming the recognised worldwide quality provider of independent technical expertise in bolted joint technology. Our clients include many of the major engineering organizations of the world.

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Our Client List. 

We provide analytical, testing, and technical problem solving services. We can help you understand the issues regarding the structural integrity of bolted joints and provide engineering solutions based upon our considerable experience in this field. We have an extensive library of technical resources including technical reports, articles, research studies and standards on bolting related topics, all of which is indexed.

Titles in our Library 

If you think that we could possibly be of assistance to you, whether it is in the provision of a software solution, consultancy services, testing or training, please contact us. To see our Privacy Policy please click on this Link.

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