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21 October 2019 - Online Quiz on Bolting Press Release - PDF Version

A new online quiz on bolting has just been launched by Bolt Science, designed to test an engineer and manufacturer's knowledge on bolting and torque tightening. The quiz, which may highlight gaps in a person's knowledge on bolting can be found on the Bolt Science website at:

The Bolt Science Quiz on Bolting 

  Dr Bill Eccles, Bolt Science's founder said: "In recent years, there have been several disastrous accidents in which a bolting issue was the root cause. A good proportion of these can be fully or partly attributed to the engineers not knowing what constitutes best practice. Training can be crucial in ensuring safe and reliable bolted joints."

  It is essential that those responsible for design and construction involving any type of fastener are kept up to date on what is regarded as best practice. Bolt Science's online distance training programs are for engineers and designers who are involved in the specification and design of bolted joints. The key features of the training courses are:

Understanding torque & bolt preload;
Problems associated with over and under-tightening a bolt;
Self-loosening and fatigue of threaded fasteners;
Sheer loads applied to bolted joints; and
Thread stripping and galling of threaded fasteners.

The distance learning courses provided by Bolt Science use a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows progress and responses to quizzes to be monitored. More information on the online courses can be found here:

Online training on Bolting Technology.

For media enquiries, contact Carrie Antoniou at Bolt Science: contact us.