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Photo of a fatigue failure of a bolt Presented below are links to pages on specific topics related to bolted joint technology.We specialise in this subject and have extensive knowledge and experience on the solution of problems related to bolted joints. Please contact us if you think we can be of assistance on a problem that you are experiencing. Click on appropriate link for further information on the subject.

Published articles on bolting related matters 

The Bolt Science Quiz on Bolting 

Glossary of fastener and related terms 
Torque Convertor - Conversion program for torque units 
Methods of Tightening Bolts 
Bolt Tightening and Quality Control 
Case Study - Torque Tightening 
Vibration Loosening of Bolts 
The Jost Effect - Why nuts and bolts come loose!
Strength of Threaded Fasteners 
Bolted Joints containing Gaskets 
Frequently Asked Questions 
The Importance of Preload - The Joint Decompression Point 
Bolt Crosstalk and the need for a Tightening Sequence
Tightening the Nut or the Bolt Head
Use of Two Nuts to Prevent Self Loosening
Untightening of nuts and bolts

 Photo of fatigue failure of a stud
Tutorial on the theory of Bolted Joints
Why is a bolt's preload force vital?
How a bolted joint sustains an applied force
What is a Joint Diagram?
Joint Diagram with an external force applied
The effect of a high external force on a joint
The effect of a compressive external force on a joint
The Effect of Joint Deformation loss due to Embedding
Bolt Preload Variation due to the Tightening Method
Bolted Joint Analysis using Preload Requirement Charts

Why nuts and bolts come loose
Poster on why nuts and bolts can come loose
Video - Junker Fastener Vibration Test
Tests on the double nut system of locking
Tests on helical spring washers

Information related to screw threads
Historical background to screw threads
Basic Thread Terminology
The Whitworth Thread Form
The British Association Thread Form
The Unified and Metric Thread Forms
Basic Profile of Unified and Metric Thread Forms
Tolerancing of Screw ThreadsPhoto of a fatigue failure of a bolt

Examples of bolt failures
M24 Engine Mounting Bolt Failure 
M16 Bolt Failure 
M12 Bolt Fretting Failure 
Wheel Stud Failures 

Short Bolting - Ensuring sufficient thread engagement 

The Effect of Nut Face Angularity on Bolt Fatigue Life 

The Bolt Science Blog
Review of a technical paper titled 'Self loosening of prestressed bolts' 
Review of a technical paper titled 'Prevention of failures of high strength fasteners in use in offshore and subsea applications' 

Contributed Articles
Talking about Torque by George Lorimer 
Smartools for Fastening by George Lorimer 
Tightening Bolts & Relaxation by George Lorimer 
When in Rome by George Lorimer 
More on Relaxation by George Lorimer 
More Thoughts on Fastening by George Lorimer 
Torque versis Torque+Angle Tightening - a case study by George Lorimer 

Video and Other Material
Video on a Junker Transverse Vibration Test on Fasteners 

2019 November - New Thoughts on Hydrogen Embrittlement of 10.9 Bolts 

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